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The ARIES serves as a “bridge” between music files on network storage or high quality online streaming services and the consumers’ DAC

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VEGA, the next generation digital audio processor, is developed with the goal of 'seeking for non-compromised sound'.

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Magnepan 1.7i

Not just The Absolute Sound's Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year, the 1.7 is the affordable loudspeaker of the decade - The Absolute Sound magazine, January, 2011

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Magnepan .7

The .7 offers full-range, quasi-ribbon technology at a price that some audiophiles spend for speaker cables.

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ProAc Response DT8

New Response DT8, incorporates 2 x 6.5 inch drivers, the pulp mica cone unit for exceptional bass performance and the polypropylene for smooth, detailed and uncoloured midrange.

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Questyle QP1R – digital audio player

With its impeccable sound quality, flexible storage, and ability to drive a wide variety of headphones the Questyle QP1R ranks among the best portable players

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The epitome of William Firebaugh’s creative genius. A stripped-down version of the renowned Amadeus, this new turntable/tonearm combination will set new standards of analog playback in the value-for-money sector.

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