YBA Design WD202 DAC

With its many features, look no further than YBA’s Design DAC WD202. It has a multitude of connection options to satisfy the most demanding users.

Saznaj više Cijena: 7.200,00Kn

YBA Design WM202 CD

This player is extremely versatile - features include digital input and output, a USB input for direct connection to a PC

Saznaj više Cijena: 7.900,00Kn

YBA Design WA202

The FM/AM Receiver has just about everything you could want!

Saznaj više Cijena: 8.500,00Kn

YBA Genesis A6

Powerfull YBA amplifier with premium design and unmatched performance in price category.

Saznaj više Cijena: 32.200,00Kn

YBA Genesis IA3

Versatile audio component features: Integrated amp, DAC, Bluetooth, USB, digital and analog inputs.

Saznaj više Cijena: 29.300,00Kn
Akcija: 16.900,00Kn

YBA Genesis Pre5

New Genesis Pre5 packs most modern design, USB and Bluetooth connectivity with proven YBA preamp circuity.

Saznaj više Cijena: 35.800,00Kn

YBA Heritage A100

Superb integrated amplifier for asking price

Saznaj više Cijena: 13.500,00Kn
Akcija: 9.900,00Kn

YBA Heritage CD100

Having both analog and balanced outputs together with digital input and output capabilities, the CD100 is a CD player for today.

Saznaj više Cijena: 10.600,00Kn

YBA Heritage MP100B

The MP100 has an abundance of features and can become the centre of your entertainment system in no time at all.

Saznaj više Cijena: 14.200,00Kn

YBA Passion AI350

Passion integrated amplifiers have been award winners over the years and we feel sure that this latest model is guaranteed the same success

Saznaj više Cijena: 39.300,00Kn

YBA Passion PowerAmp 650

This superbly engineered power amplifier boasts a simple yet elegant design

Saznaj više Cijena: 48.000,00Kn

YBA Passion Transport CDT450

This is high end a CD Transport with Philips CD PRO IIm and patented Blue Diode system.

Saznaj više Cijena: 35.100,00Kn

YBA Passion PreAmp 550

This pre-amplifier is packed full of features and with its amazing array of inputs, complementing CD Transport 450.

Saznaj više Cijena: 57.300,00Kn