Samostojeće zvučne kutije

Ayon BlackEye

For the BlackEye spatial imaging and lively reproduction were considered very important. The mid-/high range sounds extraordinarily powerful and rich in details without any trace of acuity. White-HG option+ 3.900,00 kn

Saznaj više Cijena: 69.700,00Kn
Akcija: 29.990,00Kn

Dynaudio Excite X34

Slimline design that fascinates with a distinguished presentation: The Excite X34 is an elegant high-end floorstanding loudspeaker whose sheer sonic output and incredibly three-dimensional soundstage belies its modest dimensions.

Saznaj više Cijena: 16.690,00Kn
Akcija: 8.250,00Kn

Elac Debut A4

Debut A4 - pomoćni zvučnici za podršku Atmos višekanalna kućna kina.

Saznaj više Cijena: 2.490,00Kn

Elac Debut F6

F6 je ultimativna zvučna kutija iz serije Elac Debut. Radi se o samostojećoj kutiji i bas refleks dizajnu s tri bas pogonske jedinice kombinirane s izvrsnim svilenim viskotoncem u sferičnom usmjerivaču valova (waveguide-u). Dizajn zrači točnim niskim tonom i vrlo prozračnim i rezolutnim visokim i srednjim tonovima. Rezultat je zvučna predstava koja pripada višoj klasi kutija.

Saznaj više Cijena: 7.290,00Kn

Kii Three

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Kudos Cardea C20

"The Cardea C20 will repay you with an insightful sound characterised by agile bass, a lack of lower midrange thickening, and spacious but precisely metered imaging."

Saznaj više Cijena: 37.400,00Kn

Kudos Super 20

The Super 20 has been engineered to produce the ultimate musical performance from our 2 way floor-standing loudspeaker range.

Saznaj više Cijena: 46.800,00Kn

Kudos X2

"The Kudos X2 eloquently makes the point that you shouldn't pick on the little fella." "Its main strength is an impressively lively demeanour, with a vibrant, open and coherent sound quality"

Saznaj više Cijena: 16.500,00Kn
Akcija: 13.999,00Kn

Kudos X3

The X3 uses the same high quality tweeter as the X2, but marries it with a new 18cm main driver. The driver’s cone is a blend of paper and reed devised to improve transparency. A copper-clad aluminium voice coil increases transients and dynamics, while a copper shorting ring reduces distortion. A cast chassis gives the main driver optimal stability.

Saznaj više Cijena: 23.700,00Kn
Akcija: 11.850,00Kn

Leedh C

The most advanced loudspeaker in world!

Saznaj više Cijena: 68.600,00Kn

Magnepan 1.7i

Not just The Absolute Sound's Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year, the 1.7 is the affordable loudspeaker of the decade - The Absolute Sound magazine, January, 2011

Saznaj više Cijena: 25.425,00Kn

Magnepan 3.7i

These are without question the best performance/value in loudspeakers that I have experienced. American-made throughout, these high-resolution, full-range ribbon, planar loudspeakers set a new benchmark for high-fidelity performance in loudspeaker design

Saznaj više Cijena: 67.425,00Kn

Magnepan .7

The .7 offers full-range, quasi-ribbon technology at a price that some audiophiles spend for speaker cables.

Saznaj više Cijena: 15.675,00Kn
Akcija: 11.756,00Kn

ProAc K6

The K6 is designed for audiophiles and music lovers who are looking for a true high end loudspeaker

Saznaj više Cijena: 128.000,00Kn

ProAc K8

The K8 is designed for those wishing to have a speaker from the top of the tree in terms of sound and build quality.

Saznaj više Cijena: 251.200,00Kn

ProAc Response D18

A deep beautiful controlled bass response. A fast electrostatic type midrange with a sweet and detailed high frequency.

Saznaj više Cijena: 20.500,00Kn
Akcija: 11.275,00Kn

ProAc Response D20R

The Response D18 has proven to be one of ProAc's most successful loudspeakers receiving critical worldwide acclaim. D20R is its more refined sucessor!

Saznaj više Cijena: 27.400,00Kn

ProAc Response D30S

Stewart Tyler designed D30S offers a wonderfully natural and musical performance with pinpoint imagery that will appeal to audiophiles and music lovers all over the world.

Saznaj više Cijena: 46.700,00Kn

ProAc Response D48

After a year in research and development the D48 is now ready for production.

Saznaj više Cijena: 60.300,00Kn

ProAc Response DT8

New Response DT8, incorporates 2 x 6.5 inch drivers, the pulp mica cone unit for exceptional bass performance and the polypropylene for smooth, detailed and uncoloured midrange.

Saznaj više Cijena: 19.200,00Kn

ProAc Studio 118

The new studio 118 is a new stand mounting design. It comes in a variety of real wood veneers and the sound quality belies the size of the enclosure.

Saznaj više Cijena: 10.690,00Kn
Akcija: 6.490,00Kn

ProAc Studio 148

ProAc's latest the studio 148 is a narrow columnar design with a stabilising plinth and bass port pre-drilled for adjustable spikes. The beautiful and real wood veneers are impeccable making it suitable for all types of room design. There are 3 drive units in each enclosure, the two 6.5 inch units cover bass frequencies but each one has been mechanically tuned to cover mid frequencies.

Saznaj više Cijena: 17.700,00Kn
Akcija: 8.900,00Kn