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Ayon Crossfire III / PA

The Crossfire III continues the evolution of the Crossfire II amplifier by once again offering dramatic improvements to its completely revised third-generation power supply, tube regulator and new gain stage technology.

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Ayon Epsilon

The Epsilon Monoblock immediately makes clear its wider power bandwidth with more speed. Cijena na upit

Saznaj više Cijena: 116.100,00Kn

Ayon Spark III

Ayon is pleased to introduce the Spark III, a substantial advancement of our already highly regarded Spark II model offering.

Saznaj više Cijena: 37.200,00Kn
Akcija: 27.900,00Kn

Ayon Titan

"State of the Art" - Limited Edition The "Titan" will appeal to the most discerning music lovers offering absolute tonal neutrality, outstanding dynamics and magic soundstage. Cijena na upit

Saznaj više Cijena: 387.000,00Kn

Ayon Triton III / PA

We are proud to introduce our latest third-generation integrated amplifier, the Triton III.

Saznaj više Cijena: 68.100,00Kn

Ayon Vulcan III

“One of the most superb sounding and powerful single-ended triode amplifier”. Cijena na upit

Saznaj više Cijena: 232.200,00Kn

Q-tron PA-34

Tube OTL monoblocks with unique driver that reduces distortion more than 10 times.

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