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Amp HPA-2 Classic

Class A Headphone AMP & 24Bit/192kHz USB DAC. HPA-2 CLASSIC headphone amplifier is the improved model of HPA-2, the optimized circuit design, new style appearance, exquisite processing technology and excellent performance to make it better.

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Amp HPA-3B

Class A Full Balance Headphone Amplifier. HPA-3B is a new member of the M-Stage series headphone amplifier, who is the first one full-balanced design of the headphone amplifier, both supports single-ended output and differential output, maximizing the performance of the headphones.

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The ARIES serves as a “bridge” between music files on network storage or high quality online streaming services and the consumers’ DAC

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AURALIC Aries Mini

Streamer, DAC, NAS - all in one!. Stream high-resolution music quickly and wirelessly in virtually any sampling rate, even for the latest Quad-Rate DSD and DXD.

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Densen B-110+

The B-110 is the successor to the B-100, which became the most sold high-end amplifier ever from a Scandinavian audio manufacturer

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Dynaudio DM 2/6

The DM 2/6 is the most compact model of the range and is ideal for small to medium sized rooms or any application where space is limited. Its small size also allows for easy and discreet placement on a bookshelf or sideboard.

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Dynaudio DM 3/7

High-performance 2-way floor-standing loudspeaker offering remarkable value-for-money.

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Dynaudio Excite X14

Ultra-compact but undeniably high-end: The Excite X14 brings an extraordinary level of sophistication and refinement to the compact loudspeaker category.

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Dynaudio Excite X34

Slimline design that fascinates with a distinguished presentation: The Excite X34 is an elegant high-end floorstanding loudspeaker whose sheer sonic output and incredibly three-dimensional soundstage belies its modest dimensions.

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Dynaudio XEO 4

The next revolution will sound awesome.

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FiiO X1

Prenosivi player X1 opremljen je kolor ekranom rezolucije 320×240 i analognim izlazom za povezivanje s pojačalom ili eksternim D/A konverterom.

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FiiO X1 + EM3

Prenosivi player X1 opremljen je kolor ekranom rezolucije 320×240 i analognim izlazom za povezivanje s pojačalom ili eksternim D/A konverterom.

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FiiO X3-II (2nd. gen)

Druga generacija digitalnog audio prijenosnika X3, dekodira SACD ISO direktno, također pordžava sve lossless formate(WAW, FLAC, APE, WMA, ALAC, AIFF itd.).

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FiiO X7 – no AMP module

Patent-pending dedicated source module + independent headphone amp module design keeps the compact integrated profile of a single portable music player while providing the sonic advantages of utilizing a separate headphone amplifier. The resulting customizability allows you to customize the resulting sound (warm, neutral, etc.), output power (for driving IEMs or full-size headphones) or output port (single-ended or balanced, etc.) by choosing among different modules.

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Hegel HD12

Introducing the next generation of Hegel D/A-Converters - The HD12, introduces a combination of great new functionality as well as greatly improved sound quality.

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KingSound KS-H2 & M-10

Excellent electrostatic headphones and solid state amplifier from premium electrostatic loudspeaker manufacturer.

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