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Audia FLS4 Stereo

Much like our reference Strumento N°4 mk2 Stereo Power Amplifier, the FLS4 Stereo Power Amplifier is designed to bring your music to life and your audio system to another level of perfection.

Saznaj više Cijena: 56.250,00Kn
Akcija: 37.500,00Kn


AURALiC Vega je jedan od najnaprednijih digitalno analognih konvertera današnjice koji s posebnim algoritmima omogućuje upsampling vaše glazbe na 1.5MHz i s 32bit rezolucije.

Saznaj više Cijena: 19.900,00Kn
Akcija: 15.900,00Kn

Ayon BlackEye

For the BlackEye spatial imaging and lively reproduction were considered very important. The mid-/high range sounds extraordinarily powerful and rich in details without any trace of acuity. White-HG option+ 3.900,00 kn

Saznaj više Cijena: 69.700,00Kn
Akcija: 37.500,00Kn

Ayon CD-07s

The CD-07s is a dramatic rethinking of conventional based tube CD-Player industrial designs and represents an absolutely new standard in its price category.

Saznaj više Cijena: 20.100,00Kn
Akcija: 11.250,00Kn

Ayon S-3 Junior

The S-3 is a ground-breaking design...

Saznaj više Cijena: 45.300,00Kn
Akcija: 20.625,00Kn

Ayon Spark III

Ayon is pleased to introduce the Spark III, a substantial advancement of our already highly regarded Spark II model offering.

Saznaj više Cijena: 37.200,00Kn
Akcija: 27.900,00Kn

Densen B-200+

Densen trademark preamp design.

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Densen B-340

Version of the B-300 with 4 channels and slightly reduced output power.

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Dynaudio DM Center

Ultra-compact center channel loudspeaker combining ease of integration with a high level of sound quality

Saznaj više Cijena: 3.810,00Kn
Akcija: 2.660,00Kn

Hegel H70

The entry level Hegel product offers a unique combination of power, finesse and versatility.

Saznaj više Cijena: 11.400,00Kn
Akcija: 6.490,00Kn

Hegel HD25

Hegel High End DAC playing in highest possible league.

Saznaj više Cijena: 16.900,00Kn
Akcija: 7.990,00Kn

MSB Platinum Data CD IV

Plays CDs and DVDs with high-resolution audio files up to 384 kHz and 32 bits

Saznaj više Cijena: 31.000,00Kn
Akcija: 18.000,00Kn

MSB S201 Stereo Amplifier

Fully balanced 200 Watt stereo amplifier. Unique all-MSB-design from top to bottom. Remarkable performance in a remarkable package

Saznaj više Cijena: 139.900,00Kn
Akcija: 49.000,00Kn

ProAc Response D18

A deep beautiful controlled bass response. A fast electrostatic type midrange with a sweet and detailed high frequency.

Saznaj više Cijena: 20.500,00Kn
Akcija: 12.990,00Kn

ProAc Studio 118

The new studio 118 is a new stand mounting design. It comes in a variety of real wood veneers and the sound quality belies the size of the enclosure.

Saznaj više Cijena: 10.690,00Kn
Akcija: 8.999,00Kn

ProAc Studio 148

ProAc's latest the studio 148 is a narrow columnar design with a stabilising plinth and bass port pre-drilled for adjustable spikes. The beautiful and real wood veneers are impeccable making it suitable for all types of room design. There are 3 drive units in each enclosure, the two 6.5 inch units cover bass frequencies but each one has been mechanically tuned to cover mid frequencies.

Saznaj više Cijena: 17.700,00Kn
Akcija: 10.990,00Kn

ProAc Tablette Anniversary

Trademark ability to produce of a large soundstage from such a small enclosure.

Saznaj više Cijena: 13.400,00Kn
Akcija: 9.990,00Kn


The epitome of William Firebaugh’s creative genius. A stripped-down version of the renowned Amadeus, this new turntable/tonearm combination will set new standards of analog playback in the value-for-money sector.

Saznaj više Cijena: 13.990,00Kn
Akcija: 9.999,00Kn

MSB The Analog DAC

Musically most convincing Digital to Analog Converter in the world, single ended DACs only.

Saznaj više Cijena: 81.000,00Kn
Akcija: 49.000,00Kn

YBA Genesis IA3

Versatile audio component features: Integrated amp, DAC, Bluetooth, USB, digital and analog inputs.

Saznaj više Cijena: 27.200,00Kn
Akcija: 15.990,00Kn