Amadeus GTA MK II / LTD

The Amadeus GTA MKII features the LTD tonearm in the new Symmetrex configuration.

More... Price: 4.240,00Euro

Amadeus MK II

The Simplex is ultimately an extremely focused, coherent and superb sounding piece of audio gear at a compelling price

More... Price: 2.490,00Euro

Bauer Audio dps 3

"An extraordinary product, and fuller than most of ideas and music" (Art Dudley, Stereophile, April 2010).

More... Price: 6.580,00Euro

Bauer Audio phono

More... Price: 2.500,00Euro

Bauer Audio tonearm

Fascinating and sonically convincing as dps drive.

More... Price: 2.500,00Euro
CS 415-2 and CS 415-2 EV

Dual CS 415-2 EV

DUAL - CS 415-2 / EV includes RiaaPreAmp / Fully Automatic Turntable with high-grade technology for the best of analogue music enjoyment.

More... Price: 440,00Euro

Dual CS 455-1 EV

EV includes Riaa PreAmp / Fully Automatic turntable Still today DUAL- turntables are sold world wide with growing production figures.

More... Price: 530,00Euro

Dual CS 460

Fully Automatic. Luxuriously furnished, fully automatic turntable of high standard with three speeds (33, 45, 78 rpm). A solid heavy wooden console and a heavy platter in sandwich construction delivers outstanding absorbance of vibration and speed accuracy.

More... Price: 920,00Euro
Deal: 660,00Euro

Dual CS 505-4

Semi-Automatic. The CS 505-4 is the eternal classic in the DUAL sortiment and is now in its fourth generation. A semi-automatic turntable with floating sub-chassis, which combines time and effortless good sound with excellent ease of use and so ensures relaxing and long lasting music enjoyment.

More... Price: 780,00Euro

Dual CS 600

Manual. The latest top model from the house of Dual resides within an elegantly worked, massive wood console.

More... Price: 1.700,00Euro
Deal: 1.060,00Euro

Royale 400

Eschewing the industry standard of a 9″ tonearm (and even the refined 12″) for sixteen inches of tube, the new Well Tempered Royale 400 Turntable is a seriously sizeable bit of kit. Designed by William Firebaugh, the deck has suitably large plinth (measuring 636mm by 556mm), crafted from baltic plywood and sandwiched between two thick aluminum plates.

More... Price: 10.000,00Euro

Simplex MK II

The epitome of William Firebaugh’s creative genius. A stripped-down version of the renowned Amadeus, this new turntable/tonearm combination will set new standards of analog playback in the value-for-money sector.

More... Price: 1.850,00Euro

Versalex / LTD

The Simplex is ultimately an extremely focused, coherent and superb sounding piece of audio gear at a compelling price

More... Price: 3.620,00Euro