Mobile audio

FiiO Alpen E17 K

The FiiO E17K is a portable lightweight brushed metal headphone amplifier and digital to analogue converter (DAC). The E17k has a built in rechargeable lithium battery and USB charger, allowing you to charge on your PC or with a USB adapter. The E17K has fewer buttons on the front than that of its predecessor the E17.

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Deal: 120,00Euro

FiiO Andes E07K

Osnovni model FiiO pojačala za slušalice se može nositi uz player ili telefon.

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Deal: 90,00Euro


Snažna izvedba za slušalice s visokom impedancijom. Pogodan za slušalice sa 16-600 Ohm.

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Deal: 100,00Euro

FiiO Fujiyama E06

Robust design handles high impedance and low sensitivity headphones Increases your music player's battery life Three EQ profiles: flat, bass boost 1, and bass boost 2 Built-in electronic volume control for ultra-low noise Very high PSRR for superior supply noise rejection

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Deal: 30,00Euro

FiiO Kilimanjaro E11

Jednostavno pojačalo za slušalice, malih dimenzija i pristupačne cijene. Idealno za unapređenje kvaliteta reprodukcije sa mobilnog telefona ili prenosivog player-a.

More... Price: 80,00Euro

FiiO Kunlun E18

FiiO pojačalo za slušalice dizajnirano je da se savršeno uklopi uz moderne pametne telefone

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Deal: 140,00Euro

FiiO M3

M3 Digital Portable Music Player Lighten Your Music World Up to 64GB Backlit buttons Extra long standby time 8GB internal storage 2" TFT LCD Supports lossless format playback Minimalist design Unibody injection-molded construction, ivory /light gray colors forming a minimalist understated aesthetic. UV-cured matte coating applied for more comfortable grip. Hard buttons for quick simple navigation 6 separate backlit buttons on front screen, realizing all navigation functions via finger presses and holds, allowing full sightless operation

More... Price: 80,00Euro

FiiO Mont Blanc E12

FiiO Mont Blanc E12 je snažniji model pojačala za slušalice.

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FiiO X1

Prenosivi player X1 opremljen je kolor ekranom rezolucije 320×240 i analognim izlazom za povezivanje s pojačalom ili eksternim D/A konverterom.

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Deal: 100,00Euro

FiiO X1-II (2nd. gen)

The X1 second-gen is available in silver, rose gold, or black finishes. The 3.5mm headphone jack can be switched over to line output so you can hook up the player to an audio system, or a set of powered speakers.

More... Price: 140,00Euro

FiiO X1 + EM3

Prenosivi player X1 opremljen je kolor ekranom rezolucije 320×240 i analognim izlazom za povezivanje s pojačalom ili eksternim D/A konverterom.

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FiiO X5-II (2nd. gen)

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Deal: 270,00Euro

FiiO X5-III (3nd. gen)

The new Fiio X5 III is based on a totally new design concept and is now running on a modified Android operating system. The company tags it with “doubling down on sound quality”, why? Because at the heart of the X5 III are two 32-bit AK4490EN DAC chips supporting up to 32bit/768kHz audio and features AKM’s unique Velvet Sound with a -112dB total harmonic distortion and 120dB signal-to-noise ratio.

More... Price: 530,00Euro

FiiO X7 – no AMP module

Patent-pending dedicated source module + independent headphone amp module design keeps the compact integrated profile of a single portable music player while providing the sonic advantages of utilizing a separate headphone amplifier. The resulting customizability allows you to customize the resulting sound (warm, neutral, etc.), output power (for driving IEMs or full-size headphones) or output port (single-ended or balanced, etc.) by choosing among different modules.

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Deal: 530,00Euro