D/A converters

Amp HPA-2 Classic

Class A Headphone AMP & 24Bit/192kHz USB DAC. HPA-2 CLASSIC headphone amplifier is the improved model of HPA-2, the optimized circuit design, new style appearance, exquisite processing technology and excellent performance to make it better.

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Amp HPA-3B

Class A Full Balance Headphone Amplifier. HPA-3B is a new member of the M-Stage series headphone amplifier, who is the first one full-balanced design of the headphone amplifier, both supports single-ended output and differential output, maximizing the performance of the headphones.

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VEGA, the next generation digital audio processor, is developed with the goal of 'seeking for non-compromised sound'.

More... Price: 3.540,00Euro

Ayon Sigma

Ayon Audio is pleased to introduce the superb audiophile “Sigma” digital/analog converter.

More... Price: 3.830,00Euro

Ayon Stealth

Ayon Audio is pleased to introduce the distinguished audiophile “Stealth” DAC.

More... Price: 6.990,00Euro

Ayon Stratos

Ayon Audio is pleased to introduce the new audiophile “Stratos “ reference DAC.

More... Price: 10.150,00Euro

FiiO E10K Olympus DAC

E10K USB DAC od Fiio je osmišljen kako bi poboljšali na prijenosnom računalo audio kvalitetu ispisa putem svojih PCM5102 DAC čipom.

More... Price: 100,00Euro

FiiO K1

Professional Audio Architecture Utilizing Savitech's SA9023A USB receiver to decode USB audio, and then TI's high fidelity, low noise PCM5102 DAC chip, which outputs to the TPA61332A headphone driver. Its self-muting function can greatly reduce power on/off transients, giving a hassle-free music experience.

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FiiO Taishan D03K

Jednostavan i pristupačan digitalno-analogni konverter minijaturnih dimenzija.

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Deal: 40,00Euro

Hegel HD12

Introducing the next generation of Hegel D/A-Converters - The HD12, introduces a combination of great new functionality as well as greatly improved sound quality.

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Deal: 920,00Euro

Hegel HD25

Hegel High End DAC playing in highest possible league.

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Deal: 1.320,00Euro

Matrix Quattro 2 Advanced

QUATTRO Ⅱ is a new generation of multi-function DAC, ES9018S top level D/A chip, XMOS U Series Asynchronous USB interface, LME49600 ultralow distortion headphone AMP and LME49720 ultralow distortion opamp, support up to 32Bit/384kHz PCM and 1bit/DSD256 signal playback. The well-developed upgradeable digital processing platform, the new design dynamic display, full port DSD supported, at meanwhile the built-in preamplifier make it with more perfect sound performance and easier to use.

More... Price: 1.190,00Euro
Deal: 790,00Euro

Matrix X-sabre

X-SABRE is a high quality DAC which support DSD and DXD signal playback. It used the ESS Technology ES9018S Sabre Reference 32Bit chip, and cooperates with XMOS U-Series USB Audio chip, make it easy to playback DXD and DSD signals via the USB interface.

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Deal: 860,00Euro

MSB Diamond DAC IV plus

Musically most convincing Digital to Analog Converter in the world, using supreme available technology.

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MSB The Analog DAC

Musically most convincing Digital to Analog Converter in the world, single ended DACs only.

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YBA Design WD202 DAC

With its many features, look no further than YBA’s Design DAC WD202. It has a multitude of connection options to satisfy the most demanding users.

More... Price: 950,00Euro