ProAc K6

Sound is reproduced effortlessly with incredible detail and pinpoint imagery.

More... Price: 15.530,00Euro

ProAc Carbon Pro 8

The combination of research into carbon fibre and its ingredients have produced a stunningly accurate and detailed loudspeaker, having an electrostatic or panel quality without the drawbacks

More... Price: 30.930,00Euro

ProAc D Monitor

The RDM is equally at home as Centre Channel in a large High End Home Cinema System or a Professional system where high efficiency, high power handling and awesome dynamics are a must.

More... Price: 1.780,00Euro

ProAc Response D1

Nudi se bogat otvoren srednji ton, snažan bass i široka projekcija scene. Novi mini monitor iz ProAc-a.

More... Price: 2.000,00Euro
Deal: 1.440,00Euro

ProAc Response D18

A deep beautiful controlled bass response. A fast electrostatic type midrange with a sweet and detailed high frequency.

More... Price: 2.700,00Euro
Deal: 1.980,00Euro

ProAc Response D2

The Response D TWO is designed for the finest quality music and giving true monitor performance

More... Price: 2.240,00Euro

ProAc Response D20R

More... Price: 3.230,00Euro

ProAc Response D28

The Response D28 offers superb sound quality with a detailed soundstage and natural, extended, powerful bass response.

More... Price: 4.350,00Euro

ProAc Response D30

Stewart Tyler designed D30 offers a wonderfully natural and musical performance with pinpoint imagery that will appeal to audiophiles and music lovers all over the world

More... Price: 5.400,00Euro

ProAc Response D30R

Stewart Tyler designed D30R offers a wonderfully natural and musical performance with pinpoint imagery that will appeal to audiophiles and music lovers all over the world.

More... Price: 5.790,00Euro

ProAc Response D48

After a year in research and development the D48 is now ready for production.

More... Price: 7.500,00Euro

ProAc Response D48R

The ProAc D48R is identical to the D48, however utilises a ribbon tweeter.

More... Price: 7.500,00Euro

ProAc Studio 115

Proac Studio 115

More... Price: 1.320,00Euro

ProAc Studio 118

The new studio 118 is a new stand mounting design. It comes in a variety of real wood veneers and the sound quality belies the size of the enclosure.

More... Price: 1.410,00Euro

ProAc Studio 148

ProAc's latest the studio 148 is a narrow columnar design with a stabilising plinth and bass port pre-drilled for adjustable spikes. The beautiful and real wood veneers are impeccable making it suitable for all types of room design. There are 3 drive units in each enclosure, the two 6.5 inch units cover bass frequencies but each one has been mechanically tuned to cover mid frequencies.

More... Price: 2.330,00Euro

ProAc Studio Center

Highly suitable for use with other makes of home cinema speakers.

More... Price: 810,00Euro

ProAc Tablette Anniversary

Trademark ability to produce of a large soundstage from such a small enclosure.

More... Price: 1.770,00Euro