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FiiO A5

FiiO has strived to constantly progress and innovate with fresh ideas in the portable amplifier market since its own entry. With the A5, we continue this tradition by striving to significantly improve over our precious products, the E12 series. Every last detail of the E12 series has been reworked and revamped so as to create a new headphone amplifier that not only maintains the E12 series strengths, but also rise above them for an even better product.

More... Price: 170,00Euro

FiiO AM5 – X7

High-power type for headphones and IEMs up to 300 ohm

More... Price: 140,00Euro
Deal: 110,00Euro

FiiO AM3 – X7

Balanced type module for balanced headphones with TRRS 2.5mm connector

More... Price: 140,00Euro
Deal: 110,00Euro

FiiO AM2 – X7

Medium-power module for headphones and IEMs up to 150ohm

More... Price: 140,00Euro
Deal: 110,00Euro

FiiO AM1- X7

Low-gain module for sensitive headphones and IEMs up to 100ohm

More... Price: 70,00Euro

FiiO Fujiyama E06

Robust design handles high impedance and low sensitivity headphones Increases your music player's battery life Three EQ profiles: flat, bass boost 1, and bass boost 2 Built-in electronic volume control for ultra-low noise Very high PSRR for superior supply noise rejection

More... Price: 40,00Euro
Deal: 30,00Euro

FiiO Kilimanjaro E11

Jednostavno pojačalo za slušalice, malih dimenzija i pristupačne cijene. Idealno za unapređenje kvaliteta reprodukcije sa mobilnog telefona ili prenosivog player-a.

More... Price: 80,00Euro

FiiO Mont Blanc E12

FiiO Mont Blanc E12 je snažniji model pojačala za slušalice.

More... Price: 160,00Euro