Hegel H590

Dual Mono 2 x 301 W/8 Ω, SoundEngine 2, Bit-Perfect DAC, Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Roon,UPnP Streaming

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Hegel H120

The Hegel H120 is a 75wpc Class A/B amplifier whose output can drive all but the most demanding of speakers.

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Hegel H390

Integrirano pojačalo H390 (2x250W/8ohm) sa ugrađenim DAC-om i DLNA/AirPlay streamer. Analogni i digitalni ulazi. Damping faktor bolji od 4000. Ugrađen linearni ispravljač snage 1KW.

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Hegel H90

The H90 provides the most dynamic 60 watts per channel, including network streaming, Apple Airplay®, and a variety of digital and analogue connections.

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Hegel H190

Hegel presents the H190, an amp with DLNA streaming capabilities that can play music from any streaming platform including AirPlay

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Hegel H30

The H30 will simply play with a completely undisputed control, regardless of the loudspeakers.

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Hegel P30

The P30 is a confident contender in the race towards being the best preamplifier in the world. Regardless of price.

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