Integrated amp.


Densen B-110+

The B-110 is the successor to the B-100, which became the most sold high-end amplifier ever from a Scandinavian audio manufacturer

More... Price: on requestIntegrated amp.

Elac EA101EQ-G

Changes the rules of engagement. 80 Watt-per-channel integrated amp with DSP

More... Price: 740,00Euro

Hegel H160

The H160 amplifier has one purpose, and one purpose only - to allow you to connect whatever device you want and make it sound as good as it possibly can.

More... Price: 3.240,00Euro

Hegel H80

Hegel H80 - Ultra high-performance music machine.

More... Price: 1.820,00Euro

Q-tron PA-14

OTL Tube 2 x 25W power amplifier with integrated volume control and input selector

More... Price: on requestIntegrated amp.

YBA Genesis IA3

Versatile audio component features: Integrated amp, DAC, Bluetooth, USB, digital and analog inputs.

More... Price: 3.580,00Euro

YBA Heritage A100

Superb integrated amplifier for asking price

More... Price: 1.780,00Euro
Passion Integrated Front white

YBA Passion AI350

Passion integrated amplifiers have been award winners over the years and we feel sure that this latest model is guaranteed the same success

More... Price: 5.180,00Euro

YBA Design WA202

The FM/AM Receiver has just about everything you could want!

More... Price: 1.120,00Euro