Integrated amp.

Audia FL Three S

amazing Hi End integrated amplifier 100% made in Italy.

More... Price: 2.620,00Euro

Densen B-110+

The B-110 is the successor to the B-100, which became the most sold high-end amplifier ever from a Scandinavian audio manufacturer

More... Price: on requestIntegrated amp.

Elac EA101EQ-G

Changes the rules of engagement. 80 Watt-per-channel integrated amp with DSP

More... Price: 740,00Euro

Hegel H160

The H160 amplifier has one purpose, and one purpose only - to allow you to connect whatever device you want and make it sound as good as it possibly can.

More... Price: 2.580,00Euro
Deal: 1.850,00Euro

Hegel H70

The entry level Hegel product offers a unique combination of power, finesse and versatility.

More... Price: 1.500,00Euro
Deal: 860,00Euro

Hegel H80

Hegel H80 - Ultra high-performance music machine.

More... Price: 1.320,00Euro
Deal: 1.060,00Euro

YBA Genesis IA3

Versatile audio component features: Integrated amp, DAC, Bluetooth, USB, digital and analog inputs.

More... Price: 3.580,00Euro
Deal: 2.110,00Euro

YBA Heritage A100

Superb integrated amplifier for asking price

More... Price: 1.780,00Euro

YBA Passion AI350

Passion integrated amplifiers have been award winners over the years and we feel sure that this latest model is guaranteed the same success

More... Price: 5.180,00Euro

YBA Design WA202

The FM/AM Receiver has just about everything you could want!

More... Price: 1.120,00Euro