CD players

Ayon CD-1sx

Ayon is pleased to introduce the CD-1sx, a totally new redesign of our already very highly regarded CD-1sc model offering.

More... Price: 4.080,00Euro

Ayon CD-07s

The CD-07s is a dramatic rethinking of conventional based tube CD-Player industrial designs and represents an absolutely new standard in its price category.

More... Price: 2.650,00Euro
Deal: 1.160,00Euro

Ayon CD-3sx

Ayon is pleased to introduce the CD-3sx, a new redesign of our already very highly regarded CD-3s model offering.

More... Price: 6.580,00Euro

Audia Flight CD Three

The Audia Flight CD Three is a reference compact disk player that place you in the midst of the musical performance with resolution, realism and pure passion.

More... Price: 1.710,00Euro
Deal: 1.060,00Euro

MSB Platinum Data CD IV

Plays CDs and DVDs with high-resolution audio files up to 384 kHz and 32 bits

More... Price: 4.080,00Euro
Deal: 2.370,00Euro

YBA Design WM202 CD

This player is extremely versatile - features include digital input and output, a USB input for direct connection to a PC

More... Price: 1.040,00Euro

YBA Heritage CD100

Having both analog and balanced outputs together with digital input and output capabilities, the CD100 is a CD player for today.

More... Price: 1.400,00Euro

YBA Passion Transport CDT450

This is high end a CD Transport with Philips CD PRO IIm and patented Blue Diode system.

More... Price: 4.620,00Euro