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ProAc Response D48R

The ProAc D48R is identical to the D48, however utilises a ribbon tweeter.

More... Price: 7.500,00Euro

ProAc Response D48

After a year in research and development the D48 is now ready for production.

More... Price: 7.500,00Euro

ProAc Response D20R

More... Price: 3.230,00Euro

ProAc Response D30R

Stewart Tyler designed D30R offers a wonderfully natural and musical performance with pinpoint imagery that will appeal to audiophiles and music lovers all over the world.

More... Price: 5.790,00Euro

ProAc Response D18

A deep beautiful controlled bass response. A fast electrostatic type midrange with a sweet and detailed high frequency.

More... Price: 2.700,00Euro
Deal: 1.850,00Euro

ProAc Response D2

The Response D TWO is designed for the finest quality music and giving true monitor performance

More... Price: 2.240,00Euro

ProAc Response D1

Nudi se bogat otvoren srednji ton, snažan bass i široka projekcija scene. Novi mini monitor iz ProAc-a.

More... Price: 2.000,00Euro
Deal: 1.440,00Euro