Dual CS 415-2 EV

DUAL - CS 415-2 / EV includes RiaaPreAmp / Fully Automatic Turntable with high-grade technology for the best of analogue music enjoyment.

More... Price: 440,00Euro

Dual CS 455-1 EV

EV includes Riaa PreAmp / Fully Automatic turntable Still today DUAL- turntables are sold world wide with growing production figures.

More... Price: 530,00Euro

Dual CS 460

Fully Automatic. Luxuriously furnished, fully automatic turntable of high standard with three speeds (33, 45, 78 rpm). A solid heavy wooden console and a heavy platter in sandwich construction delivers outstanding absorbance of vibration and speed accuracy.

More... Price: 920,00Euro
Deal: 660,00Euro

Dual CS 505-4

Semi-Automatic. The CS 505-4 is the eternal classic in the DUAL sortiment and is now in its fourth generation. A semi-automatic turntable with floating sub-chassis, which combines time and effortless good sound with excellent ease of use and so ensures relaxing and long lasting music enjoyment.

More... Price: 780,00Euro

Dual CS 600

Manual. The latest top model from the house of Dual resides within an elegantly worked, massive wood console.

More... Price: 1.700,00Euro
Deal: 1.060,00Euro